Who Is the Access to Justice Board

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Read the ATJ Board’s Racial Justice Call & Commitment to Action here.

The Access to Justice (ATJ) Board was established by the Washington Supreme Court in 1994 at the request of the Washington State Bar Association in response to a growing need to coordinate access to justice efforts in Washington. It reports annually to the Supreme Court and is administered by the Washington State Bar Association. View the ATJ Board’s most recent annual report.

View the Board’s 2020 – 2023 priorities, including a mid-way progress report.

Read the ATJ Board’s guidelines for requesting support.

Recognizing that access to the civil justice system is a fundamental right, the ATJ Board works to achieve equal access for those facing economic and other significant barriers. In carrying out its mission, the ATJ Board is guided by the following:

The ATJ Board is composed of 10-11 volunteer board members. Learn more about our Board members.