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A “Golden Ticket” Doesn’t Guarantee Admittance

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By: Eric Dunn, Attorney at the Northwest Justice Project

On September 29th, The Seattle-Times ran a compelling story about Seattle bartender Dana Disharoon and her struggle to find housing for herself and her family in Seattle with a “Housing Choice Voucher” (formerly known as a “Section 8 voucher”).  The somewhat ironic headline called the voucher her “golden ticket to landing a home,” while the story itself chronicled Ms. Disharoon’s frustrating interactions with landlords and property management firms, social service agencies, and other players in the leasing game.  And several of those experiences were particularly frustrating because they were legally dubious—if not blatantly contrary to law. So why can’t a participant of the Section 8 voucher program find housing? As demonstrated by Ms. Disharoon’s case, it’s because some people don’t play by the rules.  Read More