Adaptive Leadership Virtual Series: Part 1


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Nimble Leadership for Uncertain Times

JustLead Washington, Majors Leadership, and Reverb DEI are offering a free, virtual Adaptive Leadership Workshop Series, created to support equity and justice organizations with resources and tools to navigate these times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Understanding that leaders in today’s world must develop new approaches for challenging times, this series will generate dialogue about how leaders can 1) develop skills to address their staff’s human needs; 2) manage logistical and relational concerns around connection while physical distancing; and 3) ensure that they are still making headway towards their mission, vision, goals, and objectives while centering equity and the needs of their clients and communities.
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Part I: Caring for Ourselves and Each Other

During times of uncertainty and high stress, leaders play a key role in helping to guide and support their employees in a kind and compassionate way. Because we don’t always know what employees are facing in their personal lives, everyone may be dealing with COVID-19 differently. Financial stressors, childcare responsibilities and fear around the well-being of vulnerable family members may all be taking up a lot of mental capacity and time for many of your team members. So, it is important for organizational leaders to be compassionate, mindful, nimble and supportive of employees to make decisions around their own well-being that best suit them. We’ll discuss different strategies for leading through a lens of mindfulness and compassion. Facilitated by Michelle Majors, Majors Leadership; Laurie Carlsson, Reverb DEI, and chaplain student and former WA Appleseed Director Angeline Thomas.