State Plan

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2018-2020 State Plan for the Coordinated Delivery of Civil Legal Aid to Low-Income People

The Alliance for Equal Justice believes that civil legal aid to low income, vulnerable and marginalized individuals and communities can be most effectively delivered through our unified, coordinated 2018-2020 State Plan for the Coordinated Delivery of Civil Legal Aid to Low Income People.

State Plan Goals Overview

State Plan 5 Goals
State Plan 5 Goals

The purpose of the State Plan is to expand access to our civil justice system and identify and eliminate barriers that perpetuate poverty and deny justice. The State Plan sets forth five goals intended to reflect the universal commitment of the Alliance and other advocates for an equitable legal system:

  1. Promote and foster race equity
  2. Provide clients with legal education to understand when their problem is legal in nature
  3. Increase access for underserved and underrepresented communities
  4. Develop and increase holistic client-centered services
  5. Engage in systemic advocacy

Implementing the State Plan

Alliance members are encouraged to share with the ATJ Board their plans for utilizing the State Plan through this online form. Once the Alliance members submit their plans, the ATJ Board will use the information for better coordination and leveraging of partnerships.

As Alliance members can use this optional project planning tool as a work plan template.