Race Equity

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State Plan Goal 1: Race Equity

The Alliance will promote racial equity both systemically and within its organizational practices, working toward a vision that race or color does not determine the availability and quality of services, fairness of outcomes, and opportunities for communities and individuals.

Join the Race and Equity Justice Initiative

All are invited to become a part of the Race Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI). If you or your organization would like to sign onto the Race Equity & Justice Initiative Acknowledgments & Commitments, participate in upcoming REJI meetings, join the listserv, share upcoming events and resources, or learn more, please contact Omid Bagheri, JustLead Washington’s Director of Equity & Community Partnership, at omidb@justleadwa.org. Please also take a look at REJI’s Race Equity Resources & Tools page, which will include a comprehensive Organizational Race Equity Toolkit soon.

Participate in Trainings Provided by REJI and Other Community Partners

To participate REJI trainings or view previously recorded webinars, visit the REJI online learning portal to access the webinars and supplemental resources. For information on the remainder of the 2018 REJI Webinar schedule, please email omidb@justleadwa.org to get added to the REJI Listserv!

Visit the Alliance for Equal Justice events calendar and select the Event Type “Race Equity Trainings and Events” from the right-side navigation to see a list of all upcoming events.

Other Resources

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