Reaching Underserved and Underrepresented Communities

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State Plan Goal 3: Reaching Underserved and Underrepresented Communities

Alliance organizations will work to ensure that low-income members of underserved and underrepresented communities will be able to obtain legal assistance regardless of geographic and/or demographic circumstances or eligibility for federal and state funded legal services.

Community Partnership Tools and Resources

Pathways Forward to New Community Partnerships

On May 29, 2018, members of the Alliance gathered to hear stories from a collection of leaders from diverse organizations sharing the surprising lessons learned from their experiences working closely with community based organizations. The session also included an overview of a model to help people design and plan projects to take their own work with community partners in new directions. View the session recording here.

The materials from this session included:

On May 30, we continued the discussion with a working session where participates were guided through a step-by-step process to develop a plan to build new new community connections. View the PowerPoint presentation here.

JustLead has also compiled the following resources and tools to assist Alliance organizations in fulfilling Goal 3 of the State Plan.

Community & Movement Lawyering

The Lawyer is Not the Protagonist: Community Campaigns, Law, and Social Change (California Law Review)

Community Lawyering (Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law)

Community Lawyering (Organizing Upgrade)

It’s About Power, Not Policy: Movement Lawyering for Large-Scale Social Change (NYU Clinical Law Review)

20 Tools for Movement Lawyering (Law at the Margins)

Community Mapping Resources

Mapping Community Capacity (Racial Equity Tools)

Assessing Community Needs and Resources (University of Kansas Community Tool Box)

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Engagement (Strategic Planning in Nonprofits)

Stakeholder Engagement Toolkit (Strategic Planning in Nonprofits)

Stakeholder Analysis (Mind Tools)

Onion Tool (Beautiful Rising)

Tools for Community-Driven Advocacy, Including Power Mapping

Analyzing Community Problems (University of Kansas Community Tool Box)

Making a Difference: An Advocacy Training for Community Change (The Praxis Project)

Developing Strategic and Action Plans (University of Kansas Community Tool Box)

Power Mapping (Beautiful Rising)

A Guide to Power Mapping (Move to Amend)

Community Organizing and Relationship Building

Creating and Maintaining Partnerships (University of Kansas Community Tool Box)

Spectrum of Allies (Beautiful Rising)

Community Outreach Strategies

Involving People Most Affected by the Problem (University of Kansas Community Tool Box)

Community Engagement Guide (King County)

Community Engagement Worksheet (King County)

Sample Stakeholder Outreach Plan (Strategic Planning in Nonprofits)

Equity Impact Statements

Racial Equity Impact Assessment (Race Forward)

Racial Equity Toolkit (City of Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative)

Race Equity Impact Assessment (Center for the Study of Social Policy)

Using the Equity Impact Review Toolkit (King County Equity and Social Justice)

Developing an Equity Impact Statement: A Tool for Policymaking (The Praxis Project)

Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiative (City of Madison, Wisconsin)