A Foundation for Generations

The Endowment for Equal Justice is a 501 (c) (3) organization that helps secure justice for future generations by providing a stable, permanent funding source for civil legal aid. The Legal Foundation of Washington grants annual distributions from the Endowment along with funds raised by the Campaign for Equal Justice.

Standing at a current value of approximately $15 million, the Endowment for Equal Justice is the largest civil legal aid endowment in the nation.

A Legacy of Justice

A gift to the Endowment is an ideal option for anyone wishing to build a long-term solution for civil legal aid funding in Washington state. When you give to the Endowment, the principal of your gift is invested in the Endowment’s portfolio and distributions from the income will support civil legal aid each year. Your gift to the Endowment will grow in value and provide legal help to generations of low income clients.

About Planned Giving to the Endowment

Planned giving is a way of arranging a charitable gift so that a donor may realize philanthropic objectives while maximizing tax and other benefits for finances. A planned gift is generally made from assets, rather than from income. Planned gifts frequently have the following benefits:

  • A current income tax deduction;
  • Increased cash flow from an asset, sometimes at more favorable tax rates;
  • Preservation of an asset’s appreciation in value coupled with the elimination, reduction, or deferral of capital gains tax;
  • Professional management of assets relied upon for income;
  • Gift and estate tax savings.

How To Give

If you wish to give to the Endowment, please contact Caitlin Davis Carlson at (206) 957-6288 or catilindc@legalfoundation.org, to discuss your options. You can also access more information about the Endowment by visiting https://endowmentforequaljustice.org/planned-giving/