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ATJ Board Meeting Schedule

The Access to Justice Board meets about once a month. View the 2020-2021 meeting schedule.

Due to social distancing guidelines, the Access to Justice is will meet remotely via videoconference until further notice. Instructions to join each meeting will be posted here approximately one week before the meeting.

Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings.

For questions about a meeting, please contact

ATJ Board Meeting Materials

You can access the Board meeting materials by checking back here approximately one week before the Board meeting  or by signing up for the ATJ Community List Serve.

The ATJ Community List Serve is used to not only distribute the Access to Justice Board’s meeting materials but also share information about events, job openings, advocacy updates and more among the Alliance for Equal Justice. To subscribe to this list serve, please email Learn more about the list serve protocols.

View the ATJ Board meeting agenda and materials for April 26, 2021.

The Board’s meeting support materials include a Decision-Making Framework, a summary of Robert’s Rules, and Community Engagements.

ATJ Board Meeting Recordings

View the most recent ATJ Board meeting here. Past Board meetings can be found on our YouTube channel here.

March 26, 2021 ATJ Board Meeting

March 26, 2021 Agenda

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. February Minutes
  3. Recent Events in Clark County
  4. Introducing Dua Abudiab, KCBA Executive Director
  5. ATJ Conference Update
  6. Equal Justice Coalition Update
  7. Funding Reports (federal; state; Legal Foundation of WA; Campaign for Equal Justice)
  8. The Way to Justice
  9. Proposed Changes to Rules of Professional Conduct 1.8
  10. Liaison Reports
  11. Other Updates and Announcements