NTAP Webinar: Technology Baselines Resources Sharing + Q&A (tentative)


10:00 am - 11:30 am

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The LSC Baselines were updated in 2015 and represent technologies that should be in place in a legal aid office today. Our panel for experts will share there tips for meeting the baselines and will answer questions from the community. Topics will include: Useful checklists for implementing the baselines, Technology Staff , Budgets, Case Management System, Security, Training, Communications, Policies. The Technology Baselines are found on LSC’s site at: https://www.lsc.gov/sites/default/files/TIG/pdfs/LSC-Technology-Baselines-2015.PDF

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NTAP helps nonprofit legal aid programs improve client services through effective and innovative use of technology. To do this, we provide technology training, maintain information, create online tools, and host community forums such as the LStech email list. Read about us, or contact us at info@lsntap.org for more information.