Celebrate Pro Bono! Celebrate Pro Bono Attorneys! (Part 2)

The impact of pro bono legal help on a client’s life is immeasurable. Volunteer lawyer programs and legal aid organizations are a safety net for those with nowhere else to turn. Accessible legal help fueled by compassionate and driven legal professionals empowers clients to navigate our often-confusing legal system and accomplish goals that have long-lasting impacts on their safety, stability, and overall well-being. In honor of Celebrate Pro Bono week (Oct. 21-27, 2018), we will highlight pro bono attorneys who dedicate time, skill, and compassion to serving those in their communities who need it most. Keep checking back throughout the month of October to learn more about what motivates and inspires the pro bono attorneys we are so thankful for. 

Recently we introduced you to Chelsie Elliot. Today we’re excited to introduce you to Winston Choe.

Winston ChoeWinston Choe

Who: Winston Choe is a private criminal defense attorney with Beckwith Law Group, a small firm in Tacoma.  He has been practicing law for 3 years.

What: Winston volunteers with the Korean American Bar Association (KABA) pro bono clinic at the Korean Community Service Center in Edmonds.  He was recognized as KABA’s top clinic volunteer for volunteering the most hours in 2017.  He also mentors college-aged youth and teaches Sunday school for young people through his faith community.

Why: Winston volunteers because he has been given second chances and he believes in providing the same for others.  He is deeply committed to volunteering at the KABA legal clinic where he protects the rights of Korean families.  For Winston, it is not always about solving problems; sometimes it is more important to just listen.  He uses critical interpersonal skills to connect with his private and pro bono clients and to work with attorneys, prosecutors, judges, and others in the legal system.

In his own words:  “In the words of NFL Hall-of-Famer, Randy Moss, ‘Fun is faith, family, and football.’  My faith is very important to me; I have been married for a year and we are very excited to be expecting our first child; and my fun is fantasy football!”